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  • My Favorite Projects Ive Worked On

    I have worked on countless projects since I’ve begun at Columbia. This is a list of 5 of my favorite projects in not particular order. You can check these projects out more in depth on my website or instagram. Basis – Sparkling Water This was a project for my packaging design class. We were tasked […]

  • My Summer Plans

    I believe in speaking things into existence and the ability to achieve anything (thats realistic) if you truly put in the effort. So these are the things that I am going to do this summer.

  • Designing New Concert Tickets

    I love going to concerts, I believe I have been to 24 concerts and music festivals in the past few years. One thing that ive noticed is that concerts no longer give out physical tickets as they used to. Nowadays when you buy a ticket you just get an email with a barcode, or if […]

  • What Ive Been Working On

    As my time at Columbia is coming to an end, it feels like everything should be taken care of, but its not. One thing that I am currently working on is my portfolio website,, I have some work up, and have chosen a template, but still have to make adjustments for all of my […]

  • Motion Graphics

    Since my first semester at Columbia, my classmates have told me that I should consider taking the motion graphics class. Everyone kept telling me that it pairs nicely with what I have learned as a graphic designer, so I figured id give it a chance. I took the first motion graphics class last semester and […]

  • A Cool Project

    I am currently working on a few personal projects, since they are not for school I get to work on them at my own pace, which allows me to make spend time on parts of it, without worrying about deadlines. One of the projects that I am working on, is making VHS tapes for rap […]

  • My Top Songs This Month

    I love listening to music. I don’t remember the exact number, but Spotify let me know that I was in the top percentage of listeners for the year 2022. I use music to help me get through the day and stay on task, whether its at the gym, in the car, walking to class, or […]