A Cool Project

I am currently working on a few personal projects, since they are not for school I get to work on them at my own pace, which allows me to make spend time on parts of it, without worrying about deadlines. One of the projects that I am working on, is making VHS tapes for rap duo City Morgue. I decided to start this project a few weeks ago when I found a VHS Star Wars Trilogy box-set at a thrift store. Seeing the VHS reminded me about how many artists will still release music on vinyl and cassette tapes for collectors but I’ve never seen anyone release music on VHS. I chose to make the trilogy set for City Morgue because they have already released a City Morgue Vol. 1-3 so it made it easier.

Original VHS box set
City Morgue Trilogy album art

I started off by collecting the album arts, and in photoshop, I worked them in order to fit the dielines that I had.

I got these printed out at the DPC on campus onto a heavyweight paper and even built the three VHS sleeves.

VHS in box
VHS scattered

The project is not done yet, I still need to design the box that holds the three VHS tapes, the labels that go on the VHS themselves, and in a perfect world id figure out how to record the music onto the tapes. That being said, I am very proud of how this project is turning out (even with the flaws that I won’t mention because if you didn’t notice them then its okay) and hope to make a few more projects similar to this to perfect it.

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