Designing New Concert Tickets

I love going to concerts, I believe I have been to 24 concerts and music festivals in the past few years. One thing that ive noticed is that concerts no longer give out physical tickets as they used to. Nowadays when you buy a ticket you just get an email with a barcode, or if you go through Ticketmaster you just get a QR code, neither being collectable. I took it upon myself to design tickets for some of the concerts that I have been to, and eventually get them printed out so I can have a physical collection.

When designing the tickets, I included the venue and city that the show was in, I also included the tour name with the album art of the latest album. Along with all of that, I have the artists name and any supporting acts, as well as the date of the show, and who I went with. I wanted to add QR codes to the ticket like a regular ticket would, but I wasn’t sure if I should include a random code or if I should even have a working QR code at all, finally, I decided have the QR code be a like to my design account on instagram. I also added a gradient to each ticket in order to make them stand apart more and not look as boring, the gradients were pulled from the album art.

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