Motion Graphics

Since my first semester at Columbia, my classmates have told me that I should consider taking the motion graphics class. Everyone kept telling me that it pairs nicely with what I have learned as a graphic designer, so I figured id give it a chance. I took the first motion graphics class last semester and quickly fell in love with it, i’m currently taking motion graphics 2, and if I had one more semester here at Columbia id be able to graduate with a minor in it. Unfortunately I dont have another semester as I am graduating this semester, so I am currently trying to learn as much as I can in class as it really does pair well with what I already know.

I dont have many works, and the ones that I do have are not all as complete as I want them to be (not enough time to work on them), but these are really fun to make. The work I have is all music related as thats where I draw most of my inspiration from, I hope to expand on what I make as I dont want my work to be repetitive, but for now this will do.

For those not graduating this semester, I really recommend taking a motion graphics class.

Here are a few works:

Animation for J Balvin and Bad Bunny’s album Oasis
3d environment with lighting animation for City Morgue’s As Good As Dead album (not complete)
Animation for $uicideboy$ Eternal Grey album

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