My Favorite Projects Ive Worked On

I have worked on countless projects since I’ve begun at Columbia. This is a list of 5 of my favorite projects in not particular order. You can check these projects out more in depth on my website or instagram.

Basis – Sparkling Water

This was a project for my packaging design class. We were tasked with designing the packaging for drink called Basis. This was my first time working on packaging and I feel it came out great.

A Book’s Layers – Data Visualization/Publication Design

This was a projects I struggled with when I started it. It is a book about organizing books. It is a little complicated to explain, but the books are organized by page count from least to greatest. The middle square on the spread is a visualization of the page count, the vertical line shows the books place in a timeline relative to the rest of the books. The horizontal line shows the books ranking on amazons best sellers list compared to the rest of the books. Each books visualizations are unique to the others.

Let’s Travel – Publication Design

This is one of the very first projects I worked on at Columbia and it was fun. The project was to design a full 36 page magazine with articles images and illustrations. This took a lot of hours but it paid off at the end once I got to hold the physical completed magazine.

City Morgue VHS Tapes – Packaging Design

This was a project I tasked myself with. I got the idea when I saw a Star Wars trilogy box set at a thrift store. I decided to make a VHS box set for City Morgue’s City Morgue Vol 1, 2, and 3. I thought it would be cool if artists released their music on VHS similarly to how they release is on cd, vinyl, and sometimes cassette.

Notify Me Less – Data Visualization

For this assignment I was tasked with visualizing a data narrative. I decided to base my project off of how the notifications one receives on their phone effects the phone screen time and usage.

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