My Summer Plans

I believe in speaking things into existence and the ability to achieve anything (thats realistic) if you truly put in the effort. So these are the things that I am going to do this summer.

  1. Graduate – This is my last ever semester of school, which is insane to think about, and the very first thing that I am going to do to kick off this summer is graduate. The way im looking at it is next week is going to be the last week that I am really going to have any work to do since the week after that is essentially just final presentations.
  2. Internship – 90% of my plans for this summer have to factor in the the fact that I may have an internship. Im applying to almost every single graphic design internship in the Chicago area, and any (paid) remote position as well. I do believe that I will find one as most of them start in June so I still have time to find something. Ive already had a phone interview and I was told I should hear back this week regarding an interview.
  3. Concerts – As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog, one of my favorite activities is attending concerts, and this summer will be no different. I specifically am excited for the Summer Smash music festival. Last year I had bought passes to go 2 of the 3 days but something came up and I was only able to go one of the three days. This year, in celebration of graduating, I’m going to be going all 3 days, as well as going to at least one day of lollapalooza.
  4. Friends Trip – Every year, without fail, my friends and I plan a weekend trip somewhere in the US and it never happens. The closest thing we’ve gotten to a boys trip is spending the night in Chicago. This year my friends and I are planning a weekend at devils lake in Wisconsin and its looking promising this time.

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